So'Spie Ladies

SPIE Oil & Gas Services wants to improve its performance in this field, launching an action plan for the So’SPIE Ladies network.

What So’SPIE Ladies network is?

It’s a mixed network offering workshops reserved for women and others open to men as well, depending on the subject matter concerned.

And what for?

  1.      To increase professional equality and gender balance in our teams,
  2.      To facilitate better development of women’s careers,
  3.      To increase men’s and women’s awareness of gender balance

Concretely, what do we propose?

  1.      We have a specific focus on women in our HR process (such as People Reviews, training plans, …)
  2.      Every year we have a mentoring program for women with career potential sponsored by SPIE Oil & Gas Services management board members
  3.      Organize events to support the So’SPIE Ladies awareness
  4.      Internal workshops
  5.      Breakfast meetings
  6.      Participation in sport events dedicated to women (La Parisienne, etc.)
  7.      Job fairs and school presentation

A So'SPIE Ladies Event: La Parisienne 2019 Race