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illustration_carre_heritage.png - 27KoAs an international multi-technical services subsidiary of the SPIE Group, SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides the oil and gas industry with a complete range of resources and skills for exploring and investigating new fields, building and operating facilities and optimising production in the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times and quality.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services was created in 2004 from the merger of three other companies: ENERTECH (a subsidiary of SPIE specializing in systems’ integration and instrumentation), IPEDEX (specialist and technical assistance), and FORAID (experts in Well Services and Maintenance). SPIE Oil & Gas Services then has 40 years of international expertise of the original companies.

From this original vision, and based on its capacity to adapt to the needs of a local and global presence as well as the new challenges inherent to each original business, the company has grown internationally by providing truly tailored solutions to the development of large sustainable projects. Our expertise lies in our global network of professionals, and in our ongoing commitment to training highly skilled and rapidly available staff in any situation, as well as our solid experience in workforce integration that we can adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

Three years later, SPIE Oil & Gas Services acquired GEMCO, a specialist in the maintenance of turbo-machinery. This acquisition was borne out of the group’s desire to deliver an even fuller complement of technical services.

The beginning of 2013 marked an important step in the history of SPIE Oil & Gas Services. As an all-terrain specialist in project management SPIE Oil & Gas Services decided to enhance its area of expertise by acquiring Plexal Group, an Australian leader in Brownfields Multi-disciplined Engineering. This acquisition has allowed the company to have a presence in Australia, a very promising location in the oil and gas industry today.

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Our experts who are knowledgeable about your particular areas of interest are available to quickly answer your questions or comments.

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